[FREE RESOURCE] Before you click that "Apply" button for your SaaS job application...

Hey there! If you're job searching in SaaS right now, and you're feeling a little frustrated by the radio silence on the other end of the ATS, I have 5 free hacks to help you land more interviews.

These hacks come straight out of 100,000+ resume reviews, 1000+ interviews, and 100s of successful hires at companies like Snap, Zapier, and dozens of small startups.

It's called 5 simple resume hacks for SaaS job seekers to get recruiters saying “Yes Please! Let’s Interview!” (Long title. Short and hacks.)

Who is this SaaS-obsessed woman?

I'm Erika, Job Search Strategist and Coach for SaaS. I believe small tweaks can make a big impact when it comes to your job search, which is why I broke down my most impactful resume edits into 5 quick-action hacks.

I’m also a mom, an amateur interior designer, and lover of British competition shows. (If you haven’t watched Keith sit on a hand-built toilet, you haven’t lived.)

Here's the direct link again if you'd like it: