Build Workplace Influence with Vulnerability - Free Interactive Workshop Tomorrow (3/15 5PM PT)

Hi Elpha Friends,

I'm cross-posting about our free workshop below as it's happening tomorrow and we have a few seats left. Would love to get to know you and support your career growth journey!


  • You may relate to this dilemma: we are often told that leaders know how to vulnerable, but as a woman (and especially as woman of color!) vulnerability has always been a tricky subject with double standards at play.
  • This topic, among many others surrounding mental health in the workplace, have been a passion of mine and my co-founder Christine Kwong. So we applied for the Maven Course Creator Program and co-founded Compassion Accelerator.
  • Our mission is to bring self-compassion into the workplace to foster career success, especially for women of color.

We are offering a free 1-hour workshop on Build Workplace Influence with Vulnerability, as a sneak preview of our full Maven course.

💠 Successful leaders know how to dial in their levels of vulnerability to inspire and influence their colleagues, while minimizing harmful repercussions.

​💠 But what is the “right amount” of vulnerability in a workplace?

​💠 In this 1-hour interactive workshop, we will help you develop your intuition for vulnerability, so you can influence and inspire others in the workplace, and advance your career.

Please sign up as seats are limited to maximize interactivity.

Leave a comment if you’re interested but can’t make the time, and we will add you to a mailing list for future sessions. We look forward to supporting your career growth in a self-compassionate environment!

Build Workplace Influence with Vulnerability (1-hour, free)