Hi everyone, excited to be part of this community:)

I'm Elena and I'm a marketer and mom to a 5 yrs old boy, trying to balance the two as well as I can. I'm based in Bucharest, Romania.

I've been working with IT services & B2B technology companies my entire career and I love working in the tech space - very competitive and always evolving, so you never get bored:)

If you need any input on B2B marketing strategy and content, I'm happy to have a chat. I'll do my best to provide advice and guide you in the right direction.


Welcome Elena! Thank you so much for joining us. So great you never get bored in your role :) What's been some highs and lows in your career in B2B? Side note I'm an early stage investor and I also love B2B software solutions! :)
Hi @iynna, nice meeting you :)I would say the high was when I transitioned from a sales role to a marketing one where I feel I'm a better fit. For a low, I would say when I had to work with clients & resellers I could not "fire" (they were not a great fit for the company but the company needed to show growth so we had to hang to every bit of revenue - not a pleasant place to be in).
Oh thank you for sharing! On the low - it sounds very complicated. Can you share how you managed that situation? And were able to resolve it (if you did)
Eventually, the company got acquired by a bigger firm in the space, and we refocused our strategy to serve the clients of the mother company. But until the acquisition happened, I just had to push through. And it was a constant battle of pushing back on requests that were out of place. Looking back, I don't know if it was the best solution & if I were to find myself in the same position again I would push to fire those clients or quit (if the first option wasn't possible).