We need to change the chocolate industry!

Hi everyone! I am the founder and CEO of ZORA: an ethical and transparent chocolate company (in the making). I have launched a digital platform called Zora's Collective, to raise awareness on the realities that lie within the chocolate industry and educate consumers on the cocoa and chocolate supply chain - Would love to have you join us in our fight against inequality and injustice in chocolate.
This looks awesome! You may want to check out the work of Enveritas ( as well. We're a startup nonprofit primarily focused on coffee supply chain work, but we do some cocoa work and could be a great partner
@fzhakam Wow this is very dear to me. I am from Madagascar (50%) and our cocoa coupled with our EXTENSIVE vanilla production has attracted a lot of players in the "west" whose practices are not always the most ethical! I am glad you are tackling these things and excited to see where you go.