Hi Everyone - Most of you know me as a hardware founder. What most of you don't know s my struggle with health. As someone who is pre-diabetic, I struggle a lot with basic metabolic function - not enough saliva, digestive enzymes, etc. After reaching some of the results I've been looking for, and meeting more and more people who know how hard it is to find good information, I decided to teach a class on it.Getting ahold of my health has been a huge part in feeling confident in other areas of my life, including building a business. I am happy to share this journey with you all this week, online! In actuality, this is exactly why I started my hardware company, to bring better information in healthcare forward. Of course, it isn't the only application, but a big motivation for me to start. The FB group is linked above. All the content is free. My very happily digesting new belly while getting ready for my next fundraise. Lots of love,Rosi