PAIN: Anyone working on a online beauty product dealing with skin shades? πŸ’„πŸ’‹

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I wonder if it's even possible. I don't know much about beauty, but I know that when it comes to house paint (hear me out) inventions like Color Muse have been created to isolate specific colors without the need for comparison images. You just hold it to the wall or a piece of furniture and it identifies the "true" color.
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I, too, wonder if it's possible. I totally hear you about the paint as that is a close comparison! I wonder how many times a beauty company has to deal with returns or exchanges and how big of a cost it is to them. Or the pain of the customer who isn't able to return it for whatever reasons the return policy is.
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I recently read about IL MAKIAGE, apparently they use AI to help you find the perfect match for your foundation, and claim to be 95% accurate. I haven't tried but I am also pretty interested in learning more about this. Since this is a huge problem for me, not only for foundation or concealer but also for finding the perfect shampoo for my hair type.
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I haven't heard of them! Wow, great branding. I think personalized service from beauty brands should become a thing. It would be great to have a beauty database that can help you identify same shades across different brands. For instance, if you input "Honey" from NARS, that's the same shade of "Deep Sand" from Tarte (the names are made up).