What's really the difference between in-house, agency, consulting firms, and freelance?https://www.convergeguide.com/events/breaking-down-the-where-of-the-job-search-in-house-agency-consulting-vs-freelane

We always talk about "how" to get a job but never really discuss the "where"...What’s really the difference between working: In-house, at an agency, for a consulting firm, or as a freelancer? Next Tuesday, June 29th at 6pm EST I'm hosting an event to give you the opportunity to hear about each type of employment and give clarity of which direction you want for your next move.Learn more and sign up here: https://www.convergeguide.com/events/breaking-down-the-where-of-the-job-search-in-house-agency-consulting-vs-freelaneHear from incredible guests:- Amanda Guerassio - Freelance and Business owner of Studio Guerassio - Calvin O'Connor - Animator at Bento Box Entertainment- Nicole Kilby - Principal Management Consultant at Infosys Consulting- Jen Moore - Copy Supervisor at Area 23Questions will be answered like:How do I know which clients I’ll be working on?Is one type of environment better for recent grads?What kinds of people thrive as freelancers?What industries can I be a consultant in?Is it true that agencies are the most fast pace?Do I have to just pick one type while job applying?