Gusto vs. JustWorks vs. Trinet

Hi Elpha fam! I am currently vetting the best (most affordable, easiest to use, with the most reliable customer service support) payroll and health care benefits system for my startup. We are currently an itty bitty team of 3, potentially 4. I would love to know what you’re currently using at your startup to offer competitive benefits. Any preference among the PEOs ? Anything I should look out for among the top three?
Disclosure: I work at Justworks.Just swinging in to note that Gusto isn't a PEO. I don't want to skew the conversation, but I thought it might be worth clarifying.
You could also consider Insperity. I've been in this industry for about 20 years and I hear good things about all of them, so I'm not much help there. A lot may depend on how quickly you plan to hire and scale. Hope this helps.
IMO Gusto is the combination of best/most economical, especially when you’re small, and I’ve had always had a good experience with their customer support.
Founders in our portfolio love JustWorks for EVERYTHING (HR, Payroll etc) - we use it too at my organisation and the interface is sleek unlike Trinet which we used to have and really disliked. FWIW, our founders loved Gusto only for payroll. Also to make sure, no @kateham did not pay me to say this, I'm just a very happy customer :)
Happy to hear it! I shared this with the product team & they practically cried tears of joy. :)
I use JustWorks at my company and they're pretty great! We did evaluate and even liked Gusto but we have folks that work all over the US and the overhead of maintaining corporate registration, and tweaking of benefits) at every state we hire was too much overhead for us. If our team was entirely, or mostly in the same state/region we might have gone with Gusto.