Career Change

Looking for a career change: I've been working since i was 18 yrs old in customer service. Now at 40 yrs old. I never went to college like my classmates. Thought it would be a waste of time. In my 20's worked odd jobs, worked in retail on/off, a sports stadium for a few years. Eventually went to college at 27yrs old received my Business/Office Administration certificate. Never got a job out if it. In my 30's i think i found my calling in the restaurant industry. Working as a Host/Coat Check/Expo/Busser/Bartender/Server. Been doing this for 10yrs. Recently this month I was let go from my server position as we are in the slow season. There isn't much business happening. So I have decided a career change will do me good. I wanna work in the entertainment industry at a Record Label it can be behind the scenes as a Receptionist or Marketing Assistant. Or with a music venue as a Bartender or Merchandise Person working the merch both at concerts. If anyone here has the inside scoop/works at a record label/bands or venue or merchanding company. Let me know. anything helps

Sounds like you've done a number of things in some client facing roles! Have you tried applying for roles at a catering company? As for music venues, that sounds like a great idea! I am not familiar with this world if it were me, I'd just show up and pitch myself for a job.
Hi Michelle! My boyfriend works in the entertainment/music industry. He actually got his start by getting a job at a local venue and networking with musicians and people that passed through. I also recommend applying to be an ambassador with this entertainment company called On Location ( Whenever a concert or event needs staff for a specific event, they'll send an email or post on their portal for people to sign up to work the event. It's a great way to meet more people in the industry and create longer term relationships / potentially become a permanent merch associate, for example. (I was an ambassador through on Location and it's actually how I met my boyfriend a few years ago 😊)