My new book is going live in a couple of weeks :)

Hey ladies!

My new book “Menopause: A guide to your unique journey” is going live on on February 12th!

Many women in their early 40s are caught off guard by the unexpected changes and symptoms, leaving them feeling as though something is seriously wrong with their bodies. The glaring absence of guidance and education available to women navigating menopause, compounded by the prevalence of misinformation and myths, poses a serious threat to a woman's overall well-being. That is what inspired me to write this book. My goal is to empower women with accurate, practical, tried-and-tested strategies that not only help them navigate menopause smoothly but also enable them to thrive and pursue their life goals with minimal disruptive interruptions.

What's Inside?

In-depth insights into what unfolds in your body during perimenopause and menopause.

Practical lifestyle tweaks to alleviate menopausal symptoms effectively.

Each chapter is dedicated to empowering women with knowledge and actionable steps to take charge of their menopause experience. Here are the five critical areas:

  • Nourishing Diet
  • Energizing Exercise
  • Mindful Stress Reduction
  • Restorative Quality Sleep
  • Personalized Symptom Relief Strategies

I would love to give a select group of people a FREE and EARLY copy of the book. All I’d like in return is helpful feedback and an honest review on Amazon once it’s published.

If you’re interested, please DM me and comment the word BOOK below. Then I’ll send you a copy of the book!


Xi Decker

Congratulations! Definitely a highly relevant topic.
Congratulations Xi! So excited for you, definitely drop the amazon link when it's out!
Congrats Xi! That's amazing news 🎉