Anyone hiring for an Executive Assistant or an Operational role and will be open to someone breaking through?

Hello! I have been networking for almost a year now and have spoke to many people who hold titles that I am interested in having myself. Titles such as: executive assistant, operations manager, implementation specialist, and process improvement manager.

i am looking to step into a new role similar to the titles above but the catch is: all my previous experience is in college residences. I have tried to change my resume to fit more operational and admin (which I do possess those skills) but I feel that I am not given a chance at an interview because my experiences isn't traditional.

anyone in Elpha or your network looking for, and willing to take a chance, with someone like me?

thank you to any recommendations or suggestions!!

Hi Tylina! Thanks for sharingHave you tried to join EA networks and connect with people who works at agencies providing EAs? Might be a good place for you to try out.
Also a contact of mine is looking for a Director of Ops / EA type of role. I am happy to send your cv/linkedin if you want.We are a seed-stage fund investing in cutting-edge neurotechnology. The role is dynamic but priority focus is fundraising strategy, CRM management, and investor relations. This role will report directly to Founder and Managing Director, and will start part time, ~40 hours per month consulting contract. kaleidacapital.comJoin us to develop the next frontier in deeptech x life science that will change lives for the better!
Morning and thank you! I would love to be introduced. I don’t believe I would qualify fully for the role but I wouldn’t mind still meeting your contact and seeing if I could network with future roles that I may qualify for. Thank you for remembering my post and circling back to me!!
Wanna send me your cv or a blurb at min?