Advice on finding a mentor in the tech space

Hello! I'm trying to transition to a career in tech and would like advice on how to find a mentor in this industry. I've spent a few months learning from self-guided resources and projects but I really want to get to the next step. I have researched career coaches and I realize they are out of my budget, but I would still like to learn from someone who has gone down the same path from a completely different career field. I have been using LinkedIn to connect with people but not everyone is open to mentorship given the time commitment. Any advice?

Hi! I transitioned from retail sales / tech support to software engineering a little over 3 years ago, so I can totally relate to this experience. I think what you're doing now (reaching out to people on LinkedIn) is a great option. If you aren't already, maybe try targeting bootcamp grads for these requests? I went to a bootcamp and have several friends who did the same, and I've found that bootcamp grads tend to be really supportive of people looking to transition into tech. Another great option you could consider is joining some local tech related groups on! I joined several when I started my bootcamp. Even though some of the content was over my head, I got to meet a lot of really cool people and learn a lot about the tech scene in my city. Also, depending on what kind of mentorship you're looking for, I may be able to help (edit: for free! I am not a career coach by any means lol)! Feel free to DM me here or add me on LinkedIn (link is in my profile).
Check out this platform for free mentors in tech! is another great mentorship platform