3 Unusual Names that Got Me to Explore Identity and Purpose

What do Journey, Quest and Pudge have in common?

They’re all unusual names. Journey and Quest are the names of two hikers (ages 3 and 5) I met in the Grand Canyon. Pudge is my dog’s name.

This got me thinking about identity and purpose. When I named my oh-so-adorable French Bulldog, Pudge, I certainly didn’t intend for him to become pudgy, but at 28 pounds, I can say that he’s really grown into his name.

Perhaps “growing into your name” was the mindset of the parents who named their kids, Journey and Quest. Did they hope to give them some direction to find meaning and purpose in their lives? To make sure they would treat life as an adventure? To help guide them to ponder and follow their purpose and passion?

These words—journey and quest—make my mind expand to think about the journeys I want to take and the quest I’m embarking on in my own life.

I think these kids are lucky because they’ll be conditioned from an early age to center their thoughts around curiosity, wonder and imagination.

But for the rest of us with, dare I say, regular names where parental and societal expectations guide most of our early to middle lives, how do we tap into our inner beings to discover the journeys and quests we want to make?

For some, it’s natural. For others, it comes after years of experiences that are in—and out— of alignment with who we are at our core.

Through my podcast, Bold Moves: How Did You Know?, these are exactly the stories and people I will introduce you to. They’re curious, courageous and unafraid to test out the waters to move closer to their dreams. Along the way, I also talk to experts who help people like you and me discover more about ourselves so we can embark on the journeys and quests that give us meaning and purpose.

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