How Bold Moves Take You from Stuck to Unstuck

Have you ever been interested in pursuing something that you know would light you up, but thought, “That’s what other people do, I don’t have the skills to do that?”

I know I do.

It’s how I felt about podcasting for YEARS.

I love hearing people’s stories, how they approach challenges, what keeps them going when it gets really hard, and get some practical tips and advice that I can apply to my work and life.

I also love presenting, hosting and interviewing.

Podcasting felt like something right up my ally but it also felt unapproachable. A month ago though, I conquered all my excuses and launched my podcast, “Bold Moves: How Did You Know?”

In essence, I made my own BOLD MOVE.

I share this story to remind you that we all can do hard things. We just have to decide to do it. And have the courage to go for it.

Sometimes it helps to hear other people’s stories of bold moves to build up the belief in yourself. If that sounds interesting to you–if you’re searching for evidence that you can do that thing you’ve wanted to do, I encourage you to subscribe to my podcast and listen to others who are pursuing their dreams all because they decided to make a bold move and reach outside of their comfort zone.

My hope is that through their stories, you’ll be inspired to pursue YOUR boldest dreams.

In fact, put it down in writing right now. Take it from your head and onto paper. Don’t think twice. What’s your next bold move?