New events scheduled: WTD Speaker Stories

Hi Elphas -- thanks to those of you who have come to our first few Women Talk Design Speaker Stories events! We loved having you there and hearing your positive feedback. I'm excited to share we've scheduled more events, through mid-October. Each week, our events run for 1 hour online. We start with a short welcome, our speaker shares their story, you have a chance to ask questions, and then we break out into small groups to meet one another and discuss where we are on our public speaking journey.We have some incredible speakers coming up and are offering events across time zones, so you can join wherever you are. Tickets are $5, or free if you could use the support, thanks to Adobe XD. Hope to see you soon!Upcoming events:-- September 3rd, 4pm CEST - Eriol Fox, non-binary/genderfluid, queer designer working in human rights technology ( -- September 10th, 10am EDT - Ariba Jahan, Director of Innovation at the Ad Council and an immigrant Bengali woman advocating for diverse, marginalized voices ( -- September 16th, 9am PT- Vivian Acquah, speaker, podcast host, and driven woman who likes to talk about the holistic way of employee sustainability, called workplace wellness ( September 24th, 11am Singapore time - Samantha Yuen, Co-Head of Experience Strategy & Design at GovTech Singapore focused on craft, self-care, and self-work to grow design rigour. ( October 1st, 5pm PT - Ovetta Sampson, Principal Creative Director at Microsoft, IDEO alumna, TEDx speaker ( October 7th, 5pm PT - LaDonna Witmer Willems, Editorial for Dropbox Design Brand team and author of Permission to Speak (