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So much to think about with this and thank you for starting this conversation @loycewitherspoon!For me: the internet has both been my best ally and worst enemy. It has been a source of frustration (abundance of options of things to do/look for and sometimes not knowing what I am even looking for, the enemy of my productivity to name a few) but also a source of joy (answers to any questions I may have, making my life easier to some extent)The more I think about it: is it really the internet that we love? Is the internet really the success? Or are we addicted to its content and most importantly addicted to the fact that Internet has made anything possible for us? Internet now becomes nothing but an enabler, and basically a tool that has removed any limits: using internet people can do some of the most beautiful things (example: building this community), but also the nastiest (wage wars) Debate is open and I am eager to hear others' thoughts.
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@iynna I would love to meet over coffee and chat about this some more - there is so much to say and text won't cut it!