A new diversity 'standard' for VCs πŸ€”https://sifted.eu/articles/diversity-vc-standard-launch/

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Thanks for sharing this Abby! I looked more into it and I agree this is a good start, but I wonder 1) how much traction this will receive and 2) whether or not it'll expand into looking into the firm's portfolios. I think the internal practices and makeup of VC firms are important, but maybe even more so, that of those who they choose to fund.
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Thanks for the comment Teresa! I definitely think there's a chance that it will just be used by people who meet the standard, but I hope that if there's more awareness amongst founders to look for it that that will put more pressure on the funds (kind of like with Landscape VC).I assume it's done on the premise that a more diverse range of decision makers within a fund will lead to a more diverse range of founders being funded, but I completely agree that it has to be an effort on both sides!