Sr PM Offer evaluation - mortgage lending in the mix!

I currently am a hybrid role at my current publicly traded name brand but definitely not FAANG tech company. I am half platform data and analytics PM and the other half is part people manager and part Data Scientist.

I have a bit of a “silver handcuffs issue”. My TC is ~205k with 145k base the rest quarterly vesting stock. I am a terminal IC level with my only options being people manager at the same TC (5% base raise and the same 90-150k / year stock refreshers vesting quarterly over 4 years).

Because I was hired as a DS and became a PM within my employer. I am a green PM interviewer. I seem to knock it out of the park with less high paying roles, but have stumbled near final rounds with unicorns / FAANG adjacent. Okay ONE stumble and I didn’t like the interviewer at all so the feeling was mutual! LOL. I’ve barely interviewed & have turned down several low ball offers from series C & D companies.

I want to work remotely (already do) but I don’t want to go backwards in comp. Made more complex by I am looking to close on property in the next 6 months in the Seattle area (I have a large amount of savings for a 30% + down payment from my former life in ibanking).

I have an offer for a senior PM role at a newly ipo’d company. I LOVED the folks I interviewed with (all women!) but the offer is 25k less than what I am making right now and it’s enough apparently to make my lending situation different.

I plan to negotiate - but company does not have reputation of paying more (understandable they’re newly public).

I don’t particularly respect my PM org in my current company. As a DS I see a lot of unsavory practices (p hacking) and the biz itself is NOT innovating and all product work is .5% incremental gains on things. Product is not monetized - ads are & I hate ads LOL.

What would you do? Help me get out of my scarcity mindset - I’ve barely even TRIED to interview and I feel like I’m convincing myself no one else will give me a chance at the comp I know I deserve?

My current employer doesn’t give me confidence and my mentors in product at my current employer all left (8 of them!) in the last 7 months. They warned me to not fully transfer internally.

200k TC for a PM in US tier 1 city is a bargain IMO. Especially one who can write their own sql, code in Python and has a background in strategy in transactions / ibanking.

A few thoughts...1. You are clearly deserving of the compensation you want, as you are already on a compensation package you are happy with and your employer obviously feels you are providing them with the ROI they expect - they're still employing you, after all!2. It's never a bad idea to continue interviewing elsewhere. You don't have to burn yourself out on it, but take interviews here and there as you can, and keep a log of things you learn from them. Sometimes you can learn a lot from a company that has turned you down, and that will translate into performing even better on future interviews where you have a better understanding of what companies are looking for and the types of questions they ask. You can always re-apply for roles after 3-6 months as well, there are generally no rules against doing this!3. Have you kept in touch with the 8 mentors you mention who have left the company? Often times it is easier to leverage someone you know as a referral into a company than it is applying with no connections. I don't love that this is how the system works because I think it can sometimes perpetuate homogenous work environments, BUT we live in a society that functions this way and there's no reason not to use that leverage you have where you can.Hopefully this perspective is helpful. Good luck!