Lawyer recommendations for employment contract review

Hi,I'm looking for recommendations for a lawyer in London to a review of an employment contract. That would be someone with experience reviewing tech company contracts for engineers, preferably for companies with roots in the US. I need to find out which clauses people usually negotiate, and which ones, if any, are dodgy.Thanks in advance!
Okashi should be able to help you with that. She's terrific to work with.Okachi KejehAssociate[email protected]Direct  +44 20 7544 2465Mobile +44 7594 088211
Thank you Becks for your recommendation! Job transitions are so stressful, I'm glad to have community support here at Elpha :)
Oh I'm sorry to hear that Jane, these things can be so tricky and absolutely stressful. Hopefully Okachi can help you out. I do know of a couple of others that may be able if you need it - good luck! Let me know how you get on.