Interest check: verbal/conflict skills dojo for women in East London zone 2

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This sounds VERY interesting. I'm sure the womxn of Triangirls ( would be super interested in this as well.If you want to practice some content, or do a shout out about the training sessions let me know!
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Hey Anna, Triangirls is inspirational! Love your choice of subjects ;)If you know anyone who would be interested, please let them know! I'm not a coach - rather looking for people who want to "go far, go together" - so I don't have prepared content. However, I'm always happy to talk, share recommendations, and strategise!
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I'd be interested Jane! I'd only request that the sessions were at the weekend so that I could consistently turn up and also so that I could arrive in the correct mindspace each week. I'm a fan of the idea
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Awesome!Yep, I'm also partial towards weekends. It's hard to do challenging work immediately after spending an intense day at work.
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I'd love to find out more!
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Imagine a book club, crossed with a group of gym buddies / sparring partners, crossed with a mastermind group.I have a list of well-known and highly recommended books, 1-2 per skill (all of which I've read and found useful.) These provide exercises to practice. We'll have a couple of sessions for each section before moving on - the idea is to build up skills rather than rush through it. I will be participating in exercises with everyone.What's next on my todo list:- give it a couple more days for people to see the posts- set up a private group chat for coordination purposes- sort out a location (depends on how many people are interested)- set up the first meetingDuring the first meeting we'll do a get-to-know-you, figure out which areas we want to cover, and settle on the first book to practice.
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Hi Jane,This sounds like a great idea, I would be up for this.Although in all honesty I probably wouldn't do this on a weekend. Just my thoughts!Many thanks,Clare
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What a wonderful initiative! I would definitely jove to join it!