Looking for a Technical CoFounder

Hi, elpha members! My name is Jayme Hong. I'm building a platform to help musicians to give each other feedback. It's like a traditional 1-on-1 meets Quora meets Fiverr type of marketplace. I've been in business management for 15 years and executive for 7 years. You can check out my LinkedIn Profile. I know how to build from the bottom up, but my background is solely in management and growth. I need a technical cofounder who will take on the tech side and build the company together. If you are interested, please let me know, and we can get to know each other! Thank you!

hi @jaymehongLet's get on a15 minute call to discuss in detail, here goes my Calendly link.
Hi @MonishaSurana, I see that you responded to someone's request about looking for a tech co-Founder. My name is Martha, Founder of Frendii,, a social club for women over 50. Are you technical and looking for an opportunity to be involved in a startup? I can be reached at [email protected]. Let's connect.
Hey @MarthaGI am technical person, let's connect to discuss more about the opportunity. Let's schedule the call.
Hi @MonishaSurana, thank you for your reply. I looked at your calendly, are you located outside the U.S.? I am looking for a technical Co-Founder preferably in the states, not an agency. Are you representing your company? I would still love to hear how your work with clients.
@MarthaG i am located outside US, but most of my client's are from US and UK, so eventually i work in US timezones,.
Hello @jaymehong Hello Jayme I would love to hear more about your requirements and see how I can help you on a technical level. I can be reached at [email protected]