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Does anyone fancy playing chess in the coming weeks?

My older sister sent me a beautiful chessboard as a Christmas gift a few years ago. I haven't played chess for ages, but I still remember the moves and the vast ocean of possibilities chess offers.

It was my father who taught me how to play chess when I was a kid, and even though my childhood memories are somewhat blurry, the art of playing chess stayed with me until today.

To clarify, I have lots of space for improvement in this field. And I consider myself a beginner.

I'm basically a beginner in everything I do. Some call it: a "beginner mindset."

I play chess these days, mostly against or by myself (it's fun).

And playing chess taught me lots of entrepreneurial and life lessons. Here are four of my favorite ones:

1. Every move matters. -> or in my translation: You always have an impact and can choose the type of impact you want.

2. Action overrules any business plan. A business plan without action is just a piece of creative writing.

3. Chess and life give endless opportunities - it's a privilege if you know how to navigate them.

4. Loosing is a mind concept -> it means growing and learning.

Talking about endless opportunities - I again got inspired in Davos about new technologies, and I'm excited to discover what this love from first sight will create in my life and business.