Learning TypeScript

A lot of softwware engineer roles I'm interested would love to see prior experience with TypeScript. I'd like to at least get some familiarity with it so curious what resources people have used to do so?

It doesn't have to be very robust, just resources you reccommend that I can utilize to learn and practice on the side while spending most of my day job hunting/interviewing!

My absolute favorite place to learn tech skills is now LinkedIn Learning. They have fantastic classes on programming languages and libraries incl react etc… although I haven’t taken a particular typescript class I am sure they must have something.The classes are very well organized and have download materialsI have a free membership through NYPL it’s included in any Premium LinkedIn membership.
wow I didn't realize how much they have, I'll check it out!
I'm in the same boat! I found the style of writing/explanation in this guide super helpful. Only the first four chapters are free but it could be a good jumping off point for further study.
awesome, love the intractability and agreed, just aiming to get my feet wet for now!
I can highly recommend Scrimba! They're like video/voice courses but with a browser-integrated IDE so you can actively code as you learn.
oo looks cool!
What other programming languages do you know? Are you looking to do front end or back end work?I I was an enterprise Java developer for many years, and several years ago decided to switch to Node/Typescript on the back end, and I haven't looked back. If you have a programming background, particularly in a strongly typed language, then Typescript should be quite easy for you. For me, the biggest learning curve was going from a multi threaded language to a single threaded one. I really enjoy Typescript, and now I've also gotten into Python (which I also recommend as a very marketable skill.)
I've been a full stack developer in the past and been in a backend heavy role the last three years and looking to return to a bit more full stack but I'm interested in the company's mission and problem space above all else. I've been working with Ruby on Rails throughout that entire time plus with React in the previous role. I feel a bit rusty with Javascript in general but have come to appreciate its advances since I last worked with it. Also learning Python on the side as most startups I'm talking to nowadays are using it + it's a great language to interview in!
Hi Liz, I'm circling back to this thread as I've just accepted a job offer! I'll be pivoting to a new tech stack for me: Java and Vue. Do you have any resources you'd suggest to help ramp up?
I use for leveling up in languages I don’t know. They have a syllabus tree to work through all the main parts of a language. They explain how it works before giving the problem to solve. Also, it’s free!
It's not free, but I've used:'s a free trial to try it out first. It's interactive and have reviews in between lessons so you can go over what you just learned. They also have JS tutorials that could help you ramp up.
Hiya, I believe Code Academy have a few great courses, including this one: