[Help] Articles showcasing how the presence of women in the C-suite in tech companies correlates with better business

A friend of mine is searching for articles on the effect of women leaders in tech on business performance. And she's asked me for help. I told my friend “Sure!” However, I haven't been successful.My internet search using strings such as “women tech leadership better business”, “correlation women leaders in tech with business performance”, etc.. has got me articles that focus on 1.- Why do we need to encourage more women in tech, aka "diversity is good for business".2.- Best practices to retain more women in tech, aka "strategies to reduce attrition of women in tech".3.- Why having more women in the C-level is beneficial to business, aka "no tech focus". Can you help me? -> Do you have articles/research/infographics showing how more women in c-levels in tech companies correlate with better business results? Please do share in the comments.Thanks a million!