Starting an online community space focused on women and social anxiety

Hi Ladies,

Together with an incredible (and woman-led!) team in London, we're building a new app for social anxiety built on neuroscience and compassion - it's called Alena and we're in beta testing!

Something I am really passionate about and believe is missing from our existing mental health support models is community.

I would like to invite all of you - whether you have been diagnosed with social anxiety or suspect you have some patterns that limit you from social flourishing - to join our free, non-judgmental and evidence-based community - JOIN.

As we've outgrown the WhatsApp limit of 256 members, we've moved to a new platform called PeerBoard that is safer and allows us to also post more reliable and accessible content about:

We have two amazing women on our team, Sofie and Clarissa, who are researching science papers, translating it into insights and finding reliable advice to share in the community daily.

As this is a new initiative I'm starting, I would be very keen to hear your feedback on it, no matter if you join or not.

And finally, if you know any women who might benefit from this community space, please help us spread the word <3

Thank you!