Ready for a new kind of community for early-tech career folks? I know I am! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŽ‰

In my time as a career coach, I have found a gap in peer support for early career people entering tech. After speaking with A LOT of women, I've decided to launch a community to provide peer support, resources, events and career coaching.

The 0-3 Club is a members-only community created to support women entering the tech industry. Our mission is to empower women to enter and stay in tech.

Why a new community?

Entering the tech world after completing university or bootcamp can be lonely. Even if you’ve been working in another industry for years, moving into tech without the support of a peer network is hard and unnecessarily difficult.

The 0-3 Club solves a few large challenges that a lot of early career women in tech face:

  • Finding peer support for community + networking
  • Learning how to land your 1st or 2nd job in tech
  • Learning useful, actionable career advice from more senior women in tech, who have been in your shoes only a few years ago

What’s included?

The 0-3 Club is not another slack group. Based on our mission to empower women to enter and stay in tech, the club offers exclusive benefits not available in free slack groups or discord channels. Read more here about what’s included.

Join today, membership is free until early 2023!

This is awesome! I'm excited to join :)
Happy to have you join. Look fwd to you being a part of the club!
What tech roles does this community support? I work in tech sales.
Hey @deandreamartin, This community's mission is to support women entering and stay in tech. So any role in tech. You receive support through peer groups with other early career women, coaching and resources. LMK if you join!
Hi @annamiller I signed up for the community, is there any way I can help/get involved with facilitating events or resources for the community members?
Yes, that would be wonderful and very helpful! Read out to me on linkedin (i sent you a connect) and lets setup a chat on how you can support. Excited to meet you!
Thank you for posting this! Looking forward to joining and connecting with others in the community. :)