TikTok Creator Sourcing?

Hi, all! I'm looking to hire a TikTok content creator (on a contracted basis, providing videos weekly and working with our Marketing Manager) and am having trouble sourcing the right candidates.

Any recommendations for where/how to source would be appreciated! And if you know anyone interested, full JD can be found here.



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HI Arielle!Thank you for posting - to clarify is this role the same as this one?
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Yes! But was curious to ask the community for other suggestions for where to post it.
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Got it! So since it is the same role, I remove the dup and tagged the job board here for greater visibility. Do you want recommendations on other Elpha communities to post this in or communities across the internet?
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Gotcha. The idea was to get recommendations for other communities and boards for creators. If there's a better way to source recommendations, that would be awesome to know.
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Hi Arielle,I’m Kelly, the Founder of Kapshure. Kapshure is Etsy for TikTok Creators.Our creators have a digital shop to sell custom short form video content for brands, merchants, and startups to use across their social media and for ads.I believe we could be a great place for you to start and find creators that best represent what you’re looking for. We verify all creators’ ID’s and get a copy of their W-9.I’d be happy to jump on a call and share more and also personally help you with this. You can reach me here👉 [email protected]