Recommendations for email marketing platforms for mobile apps πŸ“²

Hi there! We currently use Flodesk for our email marketing, but they don't have a great solution to integrating with mobile apps. As we gear up to launch to the App Store, we want to make sure we're probably storing and communicating with our app users vs our newsletter subscribers.

We're considering Klaviyo, and although they do offer a custom API to connect to our mobile app, I fear their segmentation features won't be as robust as they would be for an e-commerce website (which seems to be their speciality).

We're trying to trigger and automate emails for the following segmentations/scenarios:

  • New users
  • Users that haven't opened the app in a month
  • Users that haven't completed a feature in 2 weeks
  • Etc...

Does anyone have recommendations for an email marketing platform that integrates well with mobile apps? Would love to hear from you!



Hi Mady,in my experience I have seen Klaviyo as the go to for D2C A few others if relevant, Sailthru, Mailchimp, Autopilot (which I think is great for e-commerce), Hubspot, Salesforce, Sendgrid (I personally hate it with passion haha)
Amazing, thank you!!
Hi Mady,We used Postmark for our mobile app. It worked great and price was reasonable.
Oooh! I'll look into that, thanks!
Braze + is optimal martech stack duo. Braze for ESP & Branch for deep linking into the app (as well as deferred deep linking if they don’t already have) without losing your click tracking.
Thank you so much!! Yes, I was looking into for deep linking. Glad to hear that!