Books on the VC world that don't suck

Hi friends! Does anyone have book recommendations for learning about the VC world that aren't dry and boring? Thanks 😄

Hi @madymaio this is extremely broad so can I ask this what is it you want to know about the VC world? the mechanics around it? general stories about successes and failure? To get you started here are few: Secrets of Sand Hill Road, Venture Deals (very textbookey but lay down everything you need to know about structuring deals etc), Term sheet and valuation, Mastering the VC Game, Bad Blood (that's about Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos), Zero to One
Hi! I'm looking to learn the mechanics and basic around it. These are great, thank you!!
Disclaimer: if you want to know the basics and mechanics, expect textbook style for the most valuable ones - there are some that might be lighter in tone (but quality is subpar) so all depends where you want to optimise and what you are coming in as (founder looking to raise from vc? or someone who wants to get in the space or already in the space / want to level up)
Totally get it! I'm a founder looking to raise from VC and want to make sure I'm prepared for the process.
Hi Mady! In addition to Iynna's recs, I would also recommend The Launchpad: Inside Y Combinator, Silicon Valley's Most Exclusive School for Startups.
Incredible. Thank you so much!!