How do I provide an evidence base for a higher role than what I applied for?

Hello everyone,

I recently applied for a Technology Support and Product management Associate role at a tech-enabled dairy processing company even though I know I'm more experience than an Associate level. I scaled through the first round of interviews and had a second interview with the founder and passed the assessment as well and got offered the role.

However, the compensation is just way too low for me to accept. Its taking me two salary scales back and not really offering anything in terms of career progression so I feel like I'm losing two ways. They have said that the salary range cant be changed at the time but that I will have a review in 6 months with a potential increase but have also opened up an opportunity to pitch for a more senior role with more responsibility and scope.

They really haven't set expectations for what that role is or what it would look like so I'm really struggling for what to add especially as I feel like I already shared everything with the founder when we had a conversation.

Hmm, normally I would recommend or Elpha's salary database for salary research, but given the company is a "tech-enabled dairy processing company", I wonder if you'd have more luck using Glassdoor, Indeed, or Payscale?
Hmm, its a Nigerian company so I don't know if it'll be on the databases but I'll check them out. Thank youu.
Here's my quick thoughts - - Each role when hiring has a set level/budget- You could obviously do a lower role well if you're capabilities are higher, and thus you need a higher pay- Do they need your level of skills, or do they need a lower level person?- Would you be happy doing that type of work or should you be in a higher position with different responsibilities?- It may not be the right fit for these reasons so you can stay in touch with the company.Let me know if you need/want more help to talk through this or anything else in your job search - I'm Rachel, a Career Coach! ( and I offer a free initial coaching call here --
Thanks so much for replying! To be honest, in the first interview I had, they admitted as much that the role is basically two roles in one that it'll be difficult to find someone who fits perfectly. I've send a response to pit for a higher role with more responsibilities and just waiting to hear back. I would definitely be taking you up on the free initial coaching session.
Definitely! Let’s find time to chat and I’ll see how I can help! Use the link from my post to book time :)
From personal experience, I wouldn’t take a role that paid you lesser than what you think you deserve (as long as you aren’t making any career shifts or changes and this is intentional). There seem to be red flags too if they can’t tell you more about the role itself. I would propose interviewing at a few other places to know your salary baseline.
Thanks so much for replying. I had another interview the same week and that one and also they said I had a a high ask so I'm beginning to think I'm applying for roles that are below my skills and experiences.