You’ve been thinking about changing your career for a while now.

That little voice in the back of your mind has been telling you that something isn’t right.

I’ve been there.

You’ve done the hardest part. You’ve admitted that you need something more, something different. But where do you go from here?

Join us for this workshop that will help you make the transition.

You’ll learn how to validate your feelings, how to look for the right company, how to nail your interview, and much more.

Dec 1 @ 12:30 PM ET ✨

Love this and so timely with the great resignation and end of year upon us! What was your career switch? :-D
Hey Iynna! Hope you enjoyed :) I'm still finishing up university so I'm still pretty early on in my career but many of my team members and our students at Growclass have switched from various industries into marketing/tech!
Hi Jessie! I've only just found this post, so sorry! Is there a recording I could watch? Or will there be another one soon?
Hi Natalia! No problem at all 😊 We don't have another session scheduled at the moment, but you can definitely check out the recording here: ! Hope you enjoy!