[Webinar] Opportunities and challenges for women working in the Middle East. What are your thoughts?

Hi all! 👋

For the past two years I've been working at Lean Technologies, a fintech startup in Dubai, and I frequently get asked by my friends from around the world "What is it like to work in the Middle East as a woman?". I do understand where the question comes from, but the truth is that the UAE is an incredibly open and diverse place for business, though of course, there is progress to be made.

I'm wondering if any of you have the same reservations about potentially living and working in Dubai or the rest of the region? Or if you have any experiences to share? I'd love to promote more women to consider to move to the Middle East because that's what will really help us move forward! ❤️

With these questions in mind, I helped set up a webinar in honor of International Women's Day with a panel who will discuss the experiences, opportunities, and challenges for women in the Middle East. I'm sharing it with you in case you are considering working in the region or are just interested in engaging in the dialogue!


- Date: 12 March, 3-4pm GST (Dubai time)

- Format: public webinar

- Registration link:

"but the truth is that the UAE is an incredibly open and diverse place for business" I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! I can't stand the west double standards when it comes to women's rights, let's not forget that the US is the same country that overthrew the rights of women to abort in 2022, in many states. But yes so glad you are shedding light on it, no place is perfect but knowledge and education are very important to kill some of those stigmas!
True, at least we need to be moving forward and not backward!