Considering moving from corporate to a seed stage VC fund

Hi! I've been in corporate life for the past 6 years andtook a new role last year in tech strategy & partnerships at a major bank due to burnout from my previous role. However, I realized that the work does not excite me and things move too slow at a large FI for work to have any meaningful impact, and I want to move back to a more fast-paced environment where I'll actually be able to build skills.

I'm in later stage interviews with a seed stage VC and so far the team seems great and the work interesting; I'll likely have to take a pay cut but it's worth it to me if I'm able to break into a new industry and gain investing experience.

I'd love to hear from Elphas who have made the same career jump or currently work in seed stage VC and are willing to share their perspectives.

Thanks so much!

Tagging @iynna who may have thoughts to share!
You're so sweet for tagging and thinking of me <3 thank you!
Wawoo! This is terrific - I have been in early-stage VC for a little over 4 years first in platform/operations roles (75%) with some investing (25%) and now it's the reverse ratio and I still get to do all the firm building, IR, etc that I truly love! I come from a rather diverse background (international civil servant at the United Nations, turned startup founder, turned accelerator lead for social impact startup, then VC) so if you are scared about the jump/feel inadequate, don't! I did it, anyone can! I am very happy to address specific questions should you have any? Otherwise, I will leave you with this: I don't see myself doing anything than talking to founders, analysing deals, and doing all the things we do as early-stage VC. It's the right career for me and I couldn't be happier! I am so excited for you and hope it all works out for you!If it helps, the Elpha team and I wrote a resource about breaking into VC which I suspect will help you!
Iynna - thanks so much for your response, very helpful! I’ll definitely keep you posted on what happens