Start my first startup

Hi elpha community,

me and my friends just got accepted by YCombinator for 2022 summer batch. However, we're all engineering background and we initiated the idea from our day-to-day work. Our product is a one-click experience to help developers to quickly deploy their app into the cloud, this could save lots of pain and efforts for fast growing companies.

However, though our MVP is close to launch, we are stuck on getting customer acquisition. My cofounder is very ambitious to develope an enterprise solution, but we don't have clear execution plan for acuqiring early customers, can anyone with similar experience provide me some advice for customer acquisition?

First off, congratulations on getting into YC! You'll probably raise your round on demo day. I found that it's common for investors and their companies to be your first customers, or they will refer you to their portfolio companies where you can partner with them instead. I would really suggesting focusing on A/B testing your value proposition with people outside of your market too. PMF is difficult to find, but once you get your first five customers, it's a lot easier from there. Start reaching out to potential customers and keep iterating and testing your pitch! Feel free to DM me if you want, I've launched both B2B and B2C products before :)