On a mission to make real personal growth accessible to all πŸ’›

As I venture more deeply into my new role as Head of Community in the wonderful world of startups, I'm increasingly finding that the blessing and the curse of creating something so new, special, and deeply meaningful is that words don't always suffice in describing the power and impact of all that our business (Topknot) has to offer. Anyone else feel that way out here?!

For anyone who has felt curious about or intrigued by the idea of exploring your own personal growth through a tech-enabled, community-supported virtual experience, I hope you'll please check us out! We know that feelings of isolation and/or inertia in today's pandemic world are REAL, and we believe that what we're building at Topknot can help. Check out our new 'What to Expect' page to learn more about the Topknot Time experience, and join us for a free trial session ASAP! Hope to "see" you very soon 🙏