Struggling to advance your career, get hired, or land a promotion?

Fresh batch of Roadmap's free career workshops to empower you with the strategies and interview skills that lead to the titles, jobs, and promotions you want:

Our workshops are free because we want to equalize the gender & pay gap in tech. Men are statistically reap the rewards of bigger titles, better jobs, and more promotions and raises. (Read The Confidence Code for more on that). But we can change that by coming together to practice strategies that empower us to achieve our career goals.

🌟 Job Search Strategies for Pivoting Into Tech - Thurs, 10/13 @ 11:30AM PDT

  • Learn how our RoadmapX community uses a strategic weekly networking strategy to land more and better offers.

🌟 Mock Interviewing - Practice with Roadmap Community Thurs, 10/13 @ 2PM PDT

  • Show up ready to engage a structured, swift mock interview practice session. You'll overcome elevator pitch fumbles, get feedback, and improve your interview confidence!

🌟 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Accelerate Your Career Tues, 10/18 @ 12PM PDT

  • (*One of our Most Popular Events!) Attend for a strategic reality check about how much you have achieved in your career, plus tactics to help you reinforce the confidence you need to go for the jobs and salaries you want, and show up to stakeholder conversations with self-belief.

🌟 Salary Negotiation: Data + Practice Wed, 10/19 @ 12PM PDT

  • Discover the best data sources to reliably use as your foundation for salary conversations, plus learn how to negotiate while considering the entire compensation package.

🌟 Advanced Job Search Strategies: Networking Focus Thurs, 10/20 @ 11:30AM PDT

  • Learn the networking tactics our RoadmapX community uses to stack the odds in their favor to land more offers.

🌟 Mock Interviewing: Practice with Roadmap Community Thurs, 10/20 @ 2PM PDT

  • Practice makes perfect and every session is guaranteed to up your interview confidence and ease so you can build the rapport that lands you the job!

🌟 Land a Raise or Promotion Within 10 Weeks Tues, 10/25 @ 11:30AM PDT

  • This workshop is for you if you've been in the same role for years without significant upward mobility or raises, or if you want a promotion but aren't sure how to ask for it or achieve it strategically.

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