Thinking to go to a remote spare-time pre-accelerator 🤓 with my startup idea. Anyone done such thing in Europe that they can recommend? :)
Hello! This is really cool. A few things for you to consider before making the jump- Where are you with your startup? Is this really an idea/concept at this stage or have started validating that there's a market for it, if so what is the approx size, would people pay money for it, if so how much etc. or anything that is just more than "oh I really want to build this X thing to achieve Y"- What is a pre-accelerator spare time remote and most importantly what does it provide you? You don't want to be distracted as you go out and do your research with a program that's not moving the needle for you- What do you currently need to move forward and does this program seem to be a fit?- How do you feel about the remote part especially being early in the business e.g some people might feel like they want the 1-1 contact with mentors, early adopters just to make sure to be top of mind, while others might not care at all so good to know where you fit.
Hi @iynna, thanks for the thoughtful advice. I really appreciate it!Especially that most of the others around me also raised the same concerns.I have the idea and validated the market for it, know the appr. size as well and have a clear vision on the technical solution (it's also validated) - so it's really a matter of giving it a bit more focus and finding a co-founder. You are right on the engagement part, it might not be a good fit for what I'm looking for. I'm considering EF Berlin as well full-time from October, just wanted to see my options before I commit.
For sure! I totally get it and see founders in your case. Sounds like you're still super early in the development, so it's helpful to consider how much time you can dedicate to it too you know!