What are you best sales hacks for finding and sourcing leads?

I'm being realigned to net new sales and I've never done it before. We are a small startup with limited marketing spend. What are your best hacks and shortcuts to finding high quality leads? Is there anything you have found particularly helpful when trying to sell software?

Cold email outreach with strong messaging. Where does your target audience hang out online? LinkedIn? Find that out and do high volume outreach with follow ups. That’s how I would start.
When it comes to finding new leads, sales hacks can be a great way to quickly source and acquire potential customers. Here are some of the most effective sales hacks that you should consider:1. Leverage Social Media – Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can be an incredible resource for lead generation. Start by building relationships with users in your target market through content creation, interactions, and meaningful discussion. Once the relationship is established, use the platform’s advanced search options to track down potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.2. Use Online Communities – Popular online communities such as Reddit and Quora are powerful sources of information about potential customers and invaluable insight into their relationships with other companies in your space. Spend time researching conversations related to topics related to your business, then reach out directly or post questions that encourage user engagement about how your product could help them address their needs or challenges.3 .Research Your Competitors - Competitive research is critical when it comes to generating solid leads from scratch; analyze the online activities of competitors within your industry so you know exactly which tactics they are using—and aren’t using—to engage consumers effectively on social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter; compare their engagement rates with yours; then identify gaps so you know just what kind of opportunities lie ahead for you both offline and online..4. Network Locally - Identify local events where potential customers might attend (either physical locations or virtual meetups) based on decision-makers' roles within a company, job titles relevant fields etc., Develop strategies around attending those events by researching them in advance (e..g details on conferences available), volunteering at those events if possible; this could ultimately help connect yourself with targeted leads faster because networking provides an opportunity for you meet people face-to-face who match up well with what type of customer(s) would benefit from your product/service offerings most optimally !5 .Optimize Your Website Content - It's important to take advantage of SEO best practices when optimizing website content aimed at sourcing leads from organic search engine ranking pages (SERPs). A well-crafted content strategy should focus on strategically placed keywords throughout all pages and blog posts along with optimized metadata that accurately describe each page's relevance relative keyword searches performed by target customer groups across various search engines such as Google & Bing amongst others… Additionally incorporating appropriate links back & forth between relevant webpages will help increase relevancy scores thus improving overall rankings too!6 . Implement Retargeting Strategies - With retargeting campaigns now available across many major platforms like Google Ads & AdRoll etc., businesses now have tools at their disposal capable enough enough helping develop laser-focused customer segmentation data without wasting resources on inefficient general targeting techniques based just upon demographics alone ... Utilize these technologies alongside more traditional marketing techniques allowing prospects multiple ways discovering offers customized specifically based upon earlier behaviors leading them down the funnel towards taking action..
Yessss net new early stage sales lets goooooo! I'd echo what Stephanie said! It also depends on your market. Are you in B2B or B2C?For B2B -- some important things to note in addition to a good, strong cold outbound campaign:- in-person conferences are back in action, it might make sense to do some in-person. alternatively, reach out to people PRE-conference and POST-conference and try to get time with them anyways ("I saw you were going to be at x, would you be interested in finding time to meet"). Expect a 2-3% conversion rate from ask to first call, be happy when it hits 8%. This doesn't make as much sense for B2C though I'm sure showing up to community events can make sense as @miaconn mentioned.- leverage upwork for lead lists -- there are lots of great leadgen people on there and it's relatively inexpensive. you can also ask for really niche lead lists each month if you're experimenting with your audience