Managing the job search, and my mental health

Hi amazing Elphas!

I recently wrote my first article on LinkedIn (meant to be a post, but overshot by about 4,000 words!) and wanted to share it with anyone here that might be in the same position:

You're looking for a job, which is definitely hard enough right now, but have the added burden of managing your mental health and juggling "productivity" (which means different things to different people). Here's the article!

I took a good hard look at what I've been doing for the last few months that has kept me afloat and helped me push through, and even feel better more consistently. This small collection of tips is part action, part mindset, (part Elpha shoutout,) and none of the toxic productivity content we're used to seeing online.

I hope this helps even one of you! LMK any hot tips/habits you've acquired that are helping you help yourself these days. And of course- feel free to connect with me on LI.



Great points! Yeah I agree it can be tough balancing work and mindset - and the productivity buzz is just exhausting to see sometimes. I guess you just need to focus on what works for you and just cause a certain productivity mindset works well for someone else doesn’t mean it will be the exact same for you so don’t overstress about it.
Exactly, it takes some trial and error (which also takes a greater toll when you're dealing with mental health issues). Thanks for this important point!
Thank you for the article. I'm so glad you put a daily walk as #1, I really believe it is a super power. Also, I really dislike the word "productivity." It takes me to the industrial revolution, it makes me feel like we are in front of a conveyor belt. I'd love for you to check out the tool I'm developing for self-managing energy levels. If you do, please send me your feedback!
Checking it out!
LOVE this topic! Thanks for writing about it. It doesn't get nearly enough coverage.We think careers are about productivity, efficiency, results. All very unemotional words. Turns out careers are ripe with emotion, which of course means they're directly tied to mental health. One thing that's helped me with job searches and other moments of insecurity or high ambiguity is focusing my attention on my strengths. It sounds simple, but I always get lost in job postings and skills requirements, and imposter syndrome can set in. By focusing on my strengths (reflecting on them, asking for feedback, writing them down, letting them sink in), I boost my confidence and also remind myself to find jobs that suit my strengths (as well as values and interests).
Maybe you should write a post about identifying/leaning into strengths! And if you already have, I'd love a link
That's a great idea!I haven't written a whole post on Strengths, but I've written about "Looking In" activities (basically reflective exercises to figure out what matters to you in work) and it touches on Strengths.
Thank you for sharing @LiriH - I loved the point about being in community with others and being true to yourself. Career transitions are so tough (I know from experience), which is what inspired me to become an executive and career coach to support others in that journey. Best of luck to you!