Interviewing - Best Advice Ever!

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I died at #2 but seriously... showering and I'd add brushing your teeth :/ And bonus #7 if they offer you a cup of coffee/water make sure you bring the cup back or at least be proactive and take it (they may tell you to leave it someone else or they will take care of it but it's the gesture that counts).I have done this multiple when hiring especially when I am not 100% convinced, and when someone does not pick up the cup, it tells me a lot about their personality as a whole :)
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#2 Also in regards to being dressed appropriately for Zoom calls! You know, real clothes and not your PJ's or sweat suit! LOL ;)
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Being on the other side of the interview table was SO eye-opening for me. I was definitely nervous when meeting candidates and I did not expect that! Regarding #1, 15 minutes of Googling can go a long way. Read the About Us section of their website, their Wikipedia page, and any recent stories that you can find via Google News. I've interviewed candidates who didn't even know what our company does! Regarding #6, try to answer every question with a story or example. It will be far more impactful. And definitely prepare a list of questions to ask at the end! It can really set you apart as someone who is just looking for a job versus some who genuinely wants this opportunity and/or takes their career seriously. The only candidates I'll excuse for not asking questions are interns and maybe entry-level. Even then, at the very least "what do you like most about working here" is better than nothing.