Post-College Career Counseling

Is there such a thing as affordable post-college career counseling? Looking for career counseling targeting recent college grads in their first jobs but ready to move up.

I think that would be career coaches? We have many on Elpha as well who you may be able to find via and
Thank you! This is very helpful.
Good morning. We actually provide a career coaching platform for folks at any level in their career. It’s free and provides group coaching. You can check it out at
Amazing. Thank you so much.
Hi! @Tam171 thats me! I offer a free initial coaching call here -- (Website here - (I help with all career topics such as a) clarifying your best fit direction b) personal branding c) upskilling decisions/pursuit d) job searching intentionally/strategically e) career management/development/growth and more!)
Excellent-this sounds great. Much appreciated!
I support people in tech to navigate their career with a focus on early career. Happy to connect and learn about you and what you are looking for. Book a 20min intro call:
Thank you for your offer, Anna. I’m inquiring for some family members & unfortunately, they aren’t in tech.