How to develop a service offer / Define compensation

Yesterday, I had a "second" job interview. When I got on the phone with the MD, it was bit of a bait and switch. Basically, the job that I had applied for was a junior level position. You wouldn't know that by the lenght of the tasks required! But the MD did want to talk to me about doing ad hoc freelance work.

Since I have been having a hard time finding full time remote work, it's not a terrible idea to start looking for some ad-hoc freelance work. However, I don't know how to start defining and pricing my services?! Where would I even start?

Ah, that's frustrating about the bait and switch.It's hard for me to know how to price your services because I'm not sure what you do. There are freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Thinking about how I approach coaching for myself, I would first think:- Who are my clients? Where are they?- Based on the above, I would find the places on the internet where these people are and see if I can be helpful.- I'd consider 2 things when pricing my services: how much am I willing to do this work for and what is competitive pricingGood luck! I think freelancing is a great idea.
Thanks for your reply. I'm certainly not looking for someone to do that for me. And although I appreciate the recommendation for Upwork, etc. That is not my target market. These sites offer very very low pay.
Sorry! Didn't want to make any assumptions, just wanted to offer some help.
I understand! Thank you for taking the time! It's frustrating that Fiverr/Upwork has such competition and a race to the bottom in terms of salary. I have since looked for other freelance type platforms, without much success.