choosing for yourself not always easy

From my own experience it is not always easy to choose for yourself, to choose your own path, a path that deviates from the beaten track. This is a brave step to make.

And yes choosing for yourself (it doesn't matter what it is, a job what your envoriment not aprove, a relationship, go traveling etc) can be a bompy ride from time to time. But don't let the bompy ride scare you awary from your own path where you heart sings, what gives you inspiration and is good for you health.

I did come across a lot of obstacles that i needed to overcome. One of them was that a lot of support came from myself, because not everybody supported me. So i choose to hang around with people who support me on a positive way. I also needed to learn to filter to who i can trust and who not, with sharing my ideas. And also when i start sharing my ideas.

A few things mabey you like to know when you choos your path:

  • You discover new things,
  • The more you listen to your own beat, your connection with yourself will improve,
  • It brings balance and empowerment,
  • You choose to take healthy risk,
  • You will let go toxic situation and create healthy ones,
  • you will learn how to navigate,
  • It broadens your consciousness,
  • You will overcome obstacle and heal your wounds.

Have a nice day

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