Calling on my community of women to lend a helping hand ❤️

I'm looking for a job as a Full-Stack or Frontend Developer with 3+ years experince!

My prior experince:

I've been working for a startup company to devlope a social media application that inclues all core fetures of well established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with additional capablities. I've build out Activities logs displaying real time data, user feeds, media uploaders, commenting and messaging cappablities.

What I'm looking for:

If anyone knows any companies looking to hire a developer with a passion for all or one of the following: Design, UI, UX, testing, feature development using JS/React/Typescript/Node/GraphQL/MongoDB please feel free to connect!

What's been the biggest block in my search:

I've been searching for the past few months and have gotten to the final rounds of interviews with around 4 companies to be dropped after the last interview due to other candiates that surpassed me with 7-10+ years experince.

Any advice or connections would be a great help! Thank you 🙏

Hi Una, I have experience with React but not React Native. Thank you for the suggestion though. If you come across any React roles I would love to know ❤️
Hi Ashlynn - do you have a portfolio site or something that shows off your talent in the various areas you mentioned? Something that organizations can interact with? That may be useful to counter the more tenured candidates. Unfortunately, most hiring managers haven't figured out how to vet talent and still use longevity as a gauge. If you can show them your work is contemporary, interesting, & engaging that may help show that you are even more viable than others. Here is a sample of what I share to stand out (tottotally different area of work, but it's been helpful): - Good luck!!!
Hi Elizabeth, this is great advice! That makes a lot of sense, a sure way to present experience is to show it visually. I have a couple of projects but haven't yet put them together into a portfolio format that I can share. I started building one with WIX, I will continue! 🙌Thanks again :)
Hey Ashlynn! With all the layoffs in tech right now, it's tough.As a previous software engineer myself I really feel like it's a numbers game and taking a couple months is not uncommon, even without this current climate. Have you been able to get any feedback in follow up with those companies?I'd say getting to the final round with 4 companies is fantastic! You're interviewing well with recruiters, the hiring manager, and probably just need to work on your system design skills. You could also try out peer-interviewing services like Pramp ( I'd also recommend posting for help on LinkedIn, Slack groups, e-mailing people directly for coffee.Are you looking for any positions in particular? Mid-level? Industry?Good luck! I know it can take ages but you're going to land something. It's just a matter of time!
Hi Sara! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and for the Pramp suggestion, I just signed up for a session!I'm looking for an Entry-level position, I find 3 years experience is most of the time considered a Junior developer in the tech industry. Though I apply to entry level positions I find often times recruiters reach out to me with mid-senior level positions and I'll go through the process with them if the company is open to give it a chance. Yes, I've been posting to LinkedIn and things have started to pick up speed. Excited to see where it goes from here!Thanks, Sara :)
Ashlynn, I'd recommend you apply solely to mid-senior level positions. As a hiring manager and engineering manager, junior developers often have 0-2 years experience tops. 2 would be a lot more rare. Don't sell yourself short! You should definitely be reaching out to those positions.