Marketing Positions in Private/Growth Equity Funds

Good morning fellow Elphas!! Hope 2023 has been good to you so far.

I am taking the steps to return to my first and forever love - branding and marketing, which is ultimately where my superpowers are centered. I have sent my CV to the usual key players for CMO roles, but I'm feeling like I'd like a new experience.

Talking to an old friend of mine, he suggested that I move into the Growth/Private Equity field, either as an Operational Advisor or as working directly in the marketing departments where the funds provide support to their properties.

ASK:So to that end, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in this and can give me a lay of the land and perhaps a debrief on requirements, funds that match my experience, and (holy grail) some contacts to be in touch with.

Thanks in advance....🙏💝Erika

OFFER:also as an offer to fellow elphas or friends & family, I've been collaborating with a lot of brands that are in their growth phase and struggling with their branding/brand positioning. If anyone needs a hand I'm offering my services at an 80% discount to this community. DM me and I can send you my website for more info.