Hi everyone, I wrote this article recently for my LinkedIn community and I've gotten such strong feedback from it, that I thought I would share it here as well. As a burnout survivor myself, I 100% identify (identified...) with the Type A personality. Hope you find it useful!Erika
Thank you for sharing!Question for you: how about if you don't identify with any of these or maybe a combination of these? I feel like nothing is ever black and white.
No, nothing is ever black and white, but when I show these to people, if it's truly their personality, they tend to resonate, or not, immediately. Of course we can have pieces of some or a blend of all, but that would indicate that there is more of a balanced energy. None of the attributes are dangerous in moderation, they become problematic when they are pathological. Of course anyone can burnout at any time, if the conditions are right. But statistically people who strongly identify with these personality traits tend to be more at risk. Good buffers to burnout include self-care habits, good support systems, and an optimistic point of view.