Hello Elpha 👑!

Hope everyone’s 2024 is off to an amazing start.

I have come up with an idea for my next season of podcast episodes (see link to learn more about the podcast) and I would love to invite as many of the amazing women here on as I can.

There are 2 requirements for this season, I’m looking for women in marketing/sales/culture and women who are versed in Taylor Swift. You don’t have to love her, but you should be able to discuss her.

I have some specific aspects/topics that we’ll discuss in detail and we can talk about in DM.

If you are interested please leave me a message below or DM me!


I have the perfect three people for you! @denishakuhlor who runs a music tech startup called Stan, where the team is creating audience engagement infrastructure for the fan experiences of the future ( While she might not be A TSwift fan she most likely will have a ton of insights on the culture, fandom etc. @abbiekouzmanoff who runs PM at Amplitude and a die-hard swiftie!And @jackiekolgraf who just wrote this today
Thank you for the mention! I’d love to be considered, @ErikaFerszt
A literal match made in heaven
Thanks Iynna for these amazing connections, they're perfect! Will reach out ASAP.
But ofccc here to serve
I’m a woman in marketing who loves to talk about Taylor Swift and feels very comfortable speaking on podcasts 😎
Hi Erika! I am interested - Would love to know more!
I don't know her lore, but I know enough about Taylor Swift to have a conversation about it.
I am very intrigued by this! Marketer and Taylor Swift aware, although not a Swifty by any means.
I am so late to the game here, but I'm still going to shoot my shot! I LOVE Taylor and am a generalist that dabbles in brand, marketing, customer experience & more, so this sounds like a conversation right up my alley!
Hi Adranne, thanks so much for your response! I'm actually half way through recording the season but will definitely reach out if another topic comes up for discussion.
Sounds awesome! Can't wait to listen in @ErikaFerszt!