Connecting with earth supports your work and health

Hello everybody,

Did you know that the relationship with the earth is very important to stay in balance with yourself, with your inner nature, to balance your root chakra, to support your growth and much more. And helps with your career.

But how does the relationship with nature all helps your career? Well, when you start to ground yourself, you will automatically work on your root chakra. You work on your basis. The root chakra is the connection with earth, stability, safety, trust, authenticty, supports your immune system. So, all your basic life needs are connected to the root chakra.

If you feel out of balance, tired, depressed, not happy in your career, it might be interesting to take a look at your root chakra. How is your root chakra? what does it need to restore and support you in a healthy way? You want a balanced chakra, not an overactive one.

There are different ways to ground yourself and work on your base(root chakra). One of them is hanging out in nature. Nature can help you to bring back balance, harmony, peace, release and can be recharging. And it helps you to connect with your inner nature, your authenticity.

Another way is through meditation or visualization, because the earth energy flows right through you.

What you can see or feel or ask how your connection with the earth is. And see if that connection needs something to improve the relationship. You can compare it to gardening, get rid of the weeds, giving your plants some water, planting new seeds etc.

If you find meditation or visualization difficult to do on your own find yourself a guided medidation or perhaps a customized meditation is something for you.

Customized meditation:

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Thank you for checking! I find that in times when I get a bit anxious because uncertainties caused by life, moving and breathing really help me. It's the simple things :)
Your welcome, i am glad you find something that works for you.
When I was still in corporate (transitioning out), one of the roles I was in was eliminated. I spent 6 months doing a 6 minute root chakra grounding meditation everyday to work on safety within me. So, I love that you're talking about this!
Wow, what a great support you gave to yourself. Those aren't always the easy transition, I have been there.