Government Jobs


I have a quick question for anyone with experience with working for the state. Im currently employed at a small manufacturing facility as the Human Resources Manager. I was recently offered a position as the Office Manager for the District Attorneys office, not the main office but a smaller one in my vicinity. I've never worked in a political environment and I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it!

I have not worked for the government but I have had the government as a buyer. Overall, not at all my speed, super bureaucratic, decisions take a while to get done, I am more of a fast-paced type of person so I'd get frustrated. I also find that a lot of people who work for the govt are uninspiring and uninspired, partly because there is job security and therefore no incentive to be pushed. I can't blame them to be honest! It's like any new ideas or new ways to work will get shut down, so why bother? Some people are amazing though and they are usually the outlier, the ones who champion new ideas etc. but overall depending on what you're seeking now eg if you want a steady paycheck and coast, then you should go for it! If you want some real challenges and hopefully have a shot at having a real impact in the world, I'd not do it.
Thank you so much for this insight! I’m the type that needs that push to keep me motivated