A talented young woman in tech needs your support

🌟 Calling all incredible women on Elpha!

Meet my friend Omi, an exceptional data scientist about to graduate from USC in May 2024. Omi has a remarkable track record, having engineered data science and AI solutions at Guidewire Software. She's ready to bring her expertise to a new role as a Data Scientist at a company that aligns with her passions.

Omi's skill set includes Large Language Models, Langchian frameworks, API development, data modeling, and data querying. Beyond her professional life, she's dedicated to mentoring young girls in Python coding through Girls Who Code, actively working to bridge the gender gap in tech.

In these times of uncertainty in the job market, Omi needs our support more than ever. She's actively seeking full-time positions and co-op opportunities, and your guidance can be a game-changer.

Sending you best wishes and heartfelt thanks 💛

Elpha partner companies are often looking to hire Elpha members if anything catches Omi's eye, and more generally there is a broader job board where Elphas promote roles they're either hiring for if something speaks to her!